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August 20, 2006

Namiki Pens

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Confession first: Yes, I’m a nib nerd. There, it’s out. Now on with the post.

It’s my understanding that there are at least four yellow Namiki Vanishing Point or Capless fountain pens:

1. A “deep” yellow that was issued with an alloy nib in Japan in ~2000.

2. A “mandarin” yellow with a 14k gold medium nib, of which some 1,500 were issued in the US in May 2003. It was distributed in a hinged blue gift box. (9/15/06 – just got one of these from a guy I met at the DC Pen Show in August.)

3. A “special” mustard (ochre) yellow with an 18k gold nib which only recently has been issued in Japan. Supposedly very rare in the US.  (I think I have one of these but am not sure how to distinguish it from the pen described in #1., above.)

4. A “harvest” yellow-gold “decimo” that is narrower than the other models and which may have an alloy nib — also just introduced in the past couple of months.

I’m looking for more information about these and any other shades of yellow (for the Vanishing Point pen only) that possibly have been produced.  Am also interested in learning more about the alloy nibs, i.e., what metals are used, how many different alloy nibs have been produced, their characteristics, and why Namiki is substituting them for the traditional 14k and 18k nibs, etc.

Please comment if you have any clarifying or additional information.  Thanks!

Update on 7/4/2018:

I believe there is now another bright yellow VP with black trim that is only available in Italy… anybody know for sure?




July 26, 2006

So Naive – So Embarrassed

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Well, it’s been two weeks since I began this weblog and today I finally got around to doing a Yahoo! search on “bloggo ergo sum.”  No, I didn’t Google it.  I’ve been a loyal Yahooligan since September 1999 and their search engine has always been very, very good to me.  Still, I was just a bit disconcerted by the number of hits that turned up.  At first I thought it was a gazillion but after a bit of analysis realized the number, though probably greater than 100 was also probably less than 1,000.

So it appears there are many similar-looking grains of sand on this beach and though each is unique, each is know as “a grain of sand.”

I guess I thought that since I knew a little Latin and think I’m a little clever that I would be the only person on earth who would come up with this title for a weblog.  Duh!

So then I searched on my second choice, “Lather, Rinse, Repeat” to see how many hits it got.  Sadly, there were at least as many.  So I confess to suffering from a tinge of embarrassment for 1) not being terribly original and 2) not even thinking to run an Internet search before choosing a weblog title.

Hmmm, I wonder if “blotto, ergo sum” is taken?

Whew! (Lebanon)

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Lots going on lately. Floyd won the Tour. Tiger won the Open. And Hezbollah won a kick in the teeth for the Lebanese people. What is it with those guys?  Of course, the Lebanese populace didn’t do themselves any favors by voting against having Hezbollah disarmed. So now the voters are reaping what they’ve sown. And they’re whining about it.

Like, it’s okay to shoot a few rockets into Israel but it’s not nice, or fair, if Israel retaliates. Of course, I do feel sympathy for the innocent bystanders, especially the children who were too young to vote and the women who were probably not allowed to vote. If these radical Islamists continue to provide for the welfare of their families in this way for the next 50 years, let’s hope the 20-30 who remain will collectively hatch a brain and join the human race.

I’m not holding my breath.

Abortion and Miners

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If you’ve listened to the news lately, you’re sure to have heard about the recent debate and vote in the Senate about making it illegal to help miners cross state lines to get abortions without parental notification or consent.

I find this extremely disturbing for several reasons.

First, from among the thousand (or so) occupational classifications in this country, why single-out people who help miners?  Why can’t they provide assistance with crossing state lines for this purpose without notifying the miners’ parents.  Can they help them cross state lines to give birth without parental consent?  Can they help them cross state lines to murder an adult without first obtaining parental consent?  Heck, most of these miners are probably of legal age anyway and most are probably male on top of that — so what kind of “help” are we talking about?  Cab fare?  So why pick on the few female miners under 21 who happen to get preggers and then decide to have an abortion in another state?  And what if such a miner lives 200 yards from a state line and the nearest medical facility is just down the street in an adjacent state?  We’re talking about only three or four people a year here, folks.

Second, don’t most miners (and presumably, prospective helpers) live and work in West Virginia?  So why make a law that disproportionately affects the residents of just one state?  It just doesn’t seem fair.  They send us their beautiful mountain tops in the form of coal so that we can continue to live our nice, cushy lifestyles and this is the thanks they get?

Third, what’s a state line anyway.  Has anyone ever actually seen one?  Is it like a voting district line in Texas — you know, the kind that can be changed willy-nilly if you have enough friends with enough money and your political party is in power?  I’d be hard-pressed to know whether or not someone has crossed a state line that 1) is theoretically changeable and 2) by all accounts, invisible.  So who’s qualified to enforce such a law?  And who could possibly witness its violation?

Last, I wish politicians in general, and our wonderful holier-than-thou Congressmen in particular, would find something better to do with their time than to meddle in the personal lives of honest, hard-working American citizens, especially those in West-by-God-Virgina.  Sheesh!  You’d think they’d be more concerned with the violation of child labor (npi) laws.  I’m sure the miners there (and, again, their prospective helpers) can dig that!

Disclaimer: I am not a miner, a prospective helper, or a West Virginian.

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