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July 26, 2006

So Naive – So Embarrassed

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Well, it’s been two weeks since I began this weblog and today I finally got around to doing a Yahoo! search on “bloggo ergo sum.”  No, I didn’t Google it.  I’ve been a loyal Yahooligan since September 1999 and their search engine has always been very, very good to me.  Still, I was just a bit disconcerted by the number of hits that turned up.  At first I thought it was a gazillion but after a bit of analysis realized the number, though probably greater than 100 was also probably less than 1,000.

So it appears there are many similar-looking grains of sand on this beach and though each is unique, each is know as “a grain of sand.”

I guess I thought that since I knew a little Latin and think I’m a little clever that I would be the only person on earth who would come up with this title for a weblog.  Duh!

So then I searched on my second choice, “Lather, Rinse, Repeat” to see how many hits it got.  Sadly, there were at least as many.  So I confess to suffering from a tinge of embarrassment for 1) not being terribly original and 2) not even thinking to run an Internet search before choosing a weblog title.

Hmmm, I wonder if “blotto, ergo sum” is taken?


July 12, 2006

It begins…

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This is my first post.  At this point, I have little idea what I’m doing – at least insofar as setting up a blog goes.  My intent is to do some private journaling and some occasional public writing on subjects about which I think I have something meaningful to say.  Like illegal immigration, for instance.  But more on that one later.

So far, this is pretty cool.  I’ve spent about an hour navigating about this website and am finally beginning to figure out how things work.  Once I’m familiar with the basic nuts and bolts, and after the Tour de France (Go Floyd!), I’ll get down to the actual writing.  But now, it’s time for bed.


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