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March 7, 2007

Injured Canada Goose

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Please drive carefully out there.  I saw an SUV hit a Canada Goose on a country road this morning and it wasn’t pretty.  In fact, it was extremely upsetting.  I saw the possibility of the collison moments before it occurred and, by slowing down myself, was able to cause the SUV driver to also slow down — but not enough to avoid hitting the poor goose (which appeared to be trying to protect other geese).

As the goose tried to get airborne to avoid the collison, it was struck from behind at approximately 5-10 MPH.  It got flipped over and hit the windshield, and then roof of the SUV before ending-up on the road in front of my stopped vehicle.  As I inched forward to see if it was alive and/or could move, the goose flapped it’s wings to pull itself to the side of the road.  As it did this, I could see it dragging its apparently useless feet helplessly behind him.  Talk about a heart-wrenching moment.

I wanted to help the poor animal but had no idea what to do — or whom to call.  The other driver stopped long enough to see the goose pull itself off the road and then continued with her trip. 

When I arrived at work about half an hour later I did a quick Internet search and found a local wildlife rehabilitation group. Though they possibly were able to help the injured goose (if it’s feet/legs weren’t actually broken), they didn’t have the staff or resources to go look for it and pick it up.  So they gave me the emergency phone number for the Humane Society which, in my area, is staffed and equipped to pick up injured wildlife.

After calling them and reporting the nature, time and location of the incident, I immediately programmed their emergency number into my cell phone. At least now I’m prepared in case I ever again witness a similar incident.

In the future, I’ll pull my car off the street, call the Humane Society and stay with the injured animal until the Humane Society arrives (It occurred to me after leaving the scene that the injured animal was extremely vulnerable to predators.).

The point of this post is three-fold: encourage people to 1) drive more slowly on winding country roads, 2) program the emergency number of their local Humane Society into their cell phones and 3) do whatever they can to save injured wildlife.

An acronym for what you might do is: SCS (Stop – Call – Stay).  I know I wish I could have.


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