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November 27, 2006

Dell Computer – Defective USB Ports – Update

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Well, it’s been six months since my USB ports crapped-out on me. I bought an internal hard drive from Best Buy so that I could easily copy the data and applications on the current hard drive before reformatting it.  You don’t want to know the gory details but basically the ribbon cable I was hoping to attach the new drive to was actually connected to the Zip drive and there wasn’t an available ribbon connector for a new hard drive. At least not one that I could locate.

So I took a different tack and installed a board with 5 USB ports on it (this took less than one minute) and, presto! I now have 5 new working USB ports  (Yea!!!) in the rear of my computer despite the fact that 6 of the original 8 USB ports are still dead. The really good news is that I can now use my multi-card reader to upload photos from my digital camera to my computer.

Still, the 6 dead ports continue to piss me off. So the revised plan is to exchange the unusable internal hard drive for an external hard drive that connects via USB. Then I’ll copy my data and applications to the external unit. Once that’s all good, I’m going to contact Dell again to have them help me reformat my original hard drive and reinstall the OS, etc. That should fix the defunct USB ports. If it doesn’t, then Dell’s going to have to send out a tech.


New Pilot (Namiki) Vanishing Point (Capless) Limited Edition Fountain Pen

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It’s “Ice Blue” in color, comes with an 18k gold medium nib (only) and has just been released for sale. Only 2,000 are available worldwide.

They retail for $200 but I’ve seen them for $150. In 2-3 years they’ll go for $400-$500. Yeah, I know I don’t need one but I really want one. Sort of.

Pre-diabetes: Update #1

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This will be short and sweet. I meant to make weekly updates but it looks as if monthly updates are more realistic. I joined a local gym and am exercising on the treadmill and elliptical machines about three times each week. The workouts have been for about 45 minutes but I’m going to try to up them to an hour.

I’ve also been lifting weights about two times a week. It’s amazing how weak one can get when he hasn’t done any real physical exercise in a long time. Not a good rut to fall into. The first two weeks were quite difficult but now the muscle aches have diminished and I’m able to do three sets of each exercise (was just doing two sets initially).

Then there’s the diet side of the equation. I’ve managed to really cut down on sweets and am working on reducing simple carbs — basically bread products. But I still have a long way to go. Am getting back into apples again. Thanksgiving wasn’t too bad — but there were roasted potatoes, a little stuffing and two pies that had to be dealt with. All that stuff’s out of the way now so I’m getting back on track later this evening with a one-hour cardio workout to be followed by a light dinner.

I don’t know whether I’ve actually lost any weight but am aware of the slightest increase in muscle tone and the slightest decrease in waist/hip girth (pants are slipping and I’ve moved to the next notch in my belt). So something’s working.

Til next time… 😉

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