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October 9, 2006


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Inevitably, given the lifestyle I’ve been living the past several years, my fasting blood glucose (105) has finally caught-up with me. Or my pancreas has slowed-down while my liver has slipped into fourth gear. Either way, it’s a wake-up call and time to get off the couch and begin to move again. That and good-bye to the Cheez-its (which, for now, will be the whipping boy for all snacks carby). Repeat after me: “It’s not beer’s fault, it’s not beer’s fault….”

In contemplating this latest development, I’ve come to the conclusion that TV-watching is one of the major conspirators that has led me down the path of many chairs, couches, benches, futons, and other butt rests. It’s been a veritable anti-motion magnet. It’s ironic, too, because in the midst of most viewing, and especially during commericals, I find myself vehemently conversing with the set in a somewhat unfriendly tone, making disparaging remarks about the content of the message or the effectiveness of the production. However, I do think the GEICO ads are absolutely stellar, especially the latest one featuring a caveman on a walk-alator. But that’s getting off-topic.

Another conspirator has been portion size. And yes, as were many others, I was taught to finish everything on my plate. So if someone, me, for example, accidentally puts a helluva lotta food on my plate, I tend to eat all of it (because all the starving people in the world would never forgive me if I threw away perfectly good food). Intellectually, I know this isn’t smart. But psychology and emotions trump intellect almost every time food enters the mouth — which is at least three times a day.

Yet a third conspirator is the typical American workplace — at least so-called white-collar workplace. Yep, the desk job. There’s a cafeteria stocking every type of donut, bag of chips, candy bar, etc., imaginable just one floor above my office. So when I get off my butt to stretch a bit, I invariably find myself walking to the cafeteria for coffee and a bag of glucose.

So I guess a fouth conspirator might be a lack of self discipline. And how did this happen? And when? Must’ve been a long time ago ‘cuz it seems like things have always been this way. Or maybe it happened in concurrence with the advent of the computer and then the subsequent entrenchment of newer and newer technologies in the workplace. Someone had to sit down and figure that (this) stuff out. Nowadays, I can control a small world of activity (in others) simply by moving my mouse. It can’t be a good thing. I realize this really doesn’t address the topic of self-discipline. So I’ll come back to this later after I’ve thought more about it. I think it has alot to do with internally set goals, ambitions and timetables along with a strong sense of self and the ability to put one’s self, first.

And then there’s the whole nutrient value or density of foods. People talk about our soils being depleted of vital minerals with nutritionally inadequate produce being grown and distributed as a result. So we’re really craving nutrition and all the while we’re stuffing ourselves with nutrient deficient food substitutes. Didn’t used to be this way when we all lived down on the farm.

Anyway, gotta get serious about this now. So, to keep the issue front and center, I’ll try to post blogs about my progress once a week (Sunday night) over the next few months. One index of progress will be my weight, which is currently 180 lbs. I really need to weigh 30 lbs. less. But I intend to lose fat, not lean muscle tissue. But I know it’s not about weight at all. It’s really about inches and shape. So the pot belly has to go. My waist (measured at the navel) is (gasp!) 42″ so I’ll set my goal at 31″. Yep, that’s a lotta lard.

Just a brief aside about my waist size: I wear size 34/32 Dockers and Levis but the waist on the pants rides about 4″ below my navel. So, all the time I’ve been wearing this size trousers, I’ve had no idea that my waist was actually 42″. So there’s just a little complicity from clothing manufacturers, don’tcha think?.

So I’m going to develop a TV-watching, diet and exercise plan. I’m lucky that my daughter has a degree in nutrition (in addition to Pilates training and teaching experience) and has offered to help me with the diet part of the program (maybe she’ll even comment here and share her two-cents on all this). The exercise will include daily brisk walks of at least 30 minutes (ideally 60 minutes) and, perhaps, weight-lifting 2-3 times per week. But that will require a gym membership, something I’m only lukewarm about. I’m thinking of limiting TV to 7 hours per week. I think that’s do-able.

Edit: or maybe not, I’ve just managed to watch for 3 hours straight and it’s not even Tuesday yet.


Hey (hey), You (you), Get Offa My Lawn!

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Actually, I’m not that guy. At least, I certainly don’t mean to be. I don’t even water my lawn and lately, I haven’t even mowed it. And as for black socks, well, I only wear them with black shoes and black trousers — never with shorts (which are almost always the cargo type and never, shudder, plaid).

October 4, 2006

Oh, No! Not ‘Best Buy,’ Too!

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I recently wrote a short post about my very negative experience with Dell technical support and at the end of the post recommended that current potential computer buyers forego the extended warranty and just call in the Geek Squad if and when necessary.

And then this evening, while perusing some posts, I stumbled across this:

So be very, very careful out there and above all, back-up your data!  Sheesh!

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